What are your Financial Priorities

Written by on March 11, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself that what are your financial priorities?<!–more–>

It is not a common question you face but yes it makes you think of your lifestyle.

The answer is also not very straight forward. it differs from age to age and situation to situation.

In spite of all, there are top three financial priorities I basically emphasize . Life, Family, Investment
<blockquote>1. Life: Life is the most valuable gift we are blessed with. Whatever we do in life, is to sustain in future.
Understand the value of time. Live within your means. Spend wisely.

2. Family:

Family is an indispensable part of life. Their happyness and future also depend on your financial agenda. Cover their health. Plan early for big things
like marriage, child education, parents health etc

3. Investment:

Investment secures your and your family’s future. I remember a great advice by warren buffett
“If you buy the things you dont need, soon you will have to sell the things you need”</blockquote>
It was a very quick snapshot of top three priorities. If you like this video please subscribe my channel for many other informative videos.

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