Area Director’s Message , F13 , District 86 , Toastmasters International

No one in this world is bound to do anything. We thrive to become successful. Continuous learning is the way to success. More you share your knowledge […]

Area Director's Message

Spirit of District Award , Toastmasters International , District 86

Sometimes words are not enough to express your emotions but right now I’m overwhelmed with gratitude after receiving the ‘Spirit of District’ Award from District 86 (Canada), […]

Spirit-of-District-Award-Toastmasters International

Digital Marketing and Media Platforms

Years ago a burger shop didn’t think about opening an online ordering website. Today we order a hair pin online. The technology has driven us to a […]

How to raise a toast

Raising a toast is a very formal etiquette. But it is also an art that needs skill to raise a toast properly. Today is the last day […]

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