AWS Summit Toronto 2022

Written by on June 26, 2022

We are back again! Yes. after almost two years of habit of attending sessions and conferences online we are back in-person meetings now. I found AWS Toronto Summit 2022 a much bigger and improved version. However, they are always ‘the best’ and break their own records 🙂 If it sounds like I’m a fan of AWS, that’s very true. As a technical advisor, I always say ‘Select the tool best fit for your need‘ .

AWS always surprises me because of majorly their three things, Innovation, Agility, and Customer Satisfaction.

Here are the highlights of a few of my takeaways


The future of edge computing and how it is shaping every industry with more speed and precision. The services like AWS Outposts and AWS wavelength are taking edge computing & storage to next level.

Workshop of DeepRacer:

Building a DeepRacer model and seeing your car running on the track is always fun in AWS Summit. If you are interested to tweak the sample model with your algorithm you can check here for the input params of AWS DeepRacer Reward function

Ask an Expert

This may be the desk I visited multiple times. Got my queries answered on Landing Zone, ASEA, Control Tower, and Platform Accelerator.


I was really impressed by this monitoring as a service. The granularity in service integration, observability, and deep-down visuals show the great ability of a monitoring service.


Honeycomb was new to me. It is one of the products which works with Open Telemetry

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