What is your Communication Style

Written by on August 4, 2018

What is your Communication Style

How much do we talk in a day? Have you asked yourself? Research says we speak around 15-18K words a day in average. Which is at a stretch 3-4 hours. Words have power, it is in our hand how we use it to express our thoughts.  It depends on our communication style.

Everyone in this world has own unique style of communication but what is that particular thing in someone’s talk which sounds as baritone to you and for someone you want to give a slap? You may talk to more than hundred people a day but very few scratch your mind and you want to listen more and more from that person. It is all about style of communication. Research also says most people fall in love because of communication style not because of facial beauty.       Now tell me, what is the first thing you demand when you talk to someone? The first thing you demand is ‘Attention’. We need attention. We demand it by various tones and expressions. You talk to your colleague in a complete separate tone that your near and dear one. Again you use different tone when you talk to your kids. We use same words but different tones wrapped with various emotions.

It is like a pizza. A plain pizza bread tastes very common. The type and amount of toppings you add that make it delicious.

Likewise we talk every day. No matter in what language. Not necessarily in English. But the type and amount of emotions we add to our words are actual game changer.

Style of communication is easy to understand by listening others but it is tough to adopt. If you want to be distinctive and want to make your mark in people’s mind then you need three things. Practice, Practice and Practice.

Word is most powerful weapon in the world. You can revive a depressed person by inspiration talk on the other hand people can verbally abuse someone to death.

Now after all these things, the question can come to your mind what is your communication style? How to understand it? Understanding your own style in not easy until someone evaluates you or you listen to yourself. When we speak we cant hear our voice properly. When we listen to our own recording it is like the pathetic voice you ever heard.  We don’t like our own voice. Listen to your own voice to improve your communication style.

Know your audience and their expectations. Whether you are talking to your boss, a small sales meeting, an audience of thousand people or to your kids. Matching your communication style to the folks is an essential step of effective communication.

There is no fix rule for communication style. It depends on the type and amount of emotions you add to your words.

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