Fear of Failure

Written by on June 13, 2018

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Fear of Failure

How many of us know what is Failure? How do you understand that you have failed…I’m sure most of you murmuring in your mind that what’s the crap this guy is talking?? I didn’t get marks I failed in exam. I couldn’t run away from police and got ticket . . . I failed right? I had a dream in life. I couldn’t achieve. I failed. Agree or Not? And We don’t like failure. We are afraid of Failure.

Let me tell you a story which inspired me in life and I turn my every failure as a wining lesson.

There were two friends in a village. they were very close to each other. The elder one was ten and younger one six years old. They used to play, eat drink everything together. No.. Not drinking .. both were below 19 years guys ?


One day while playing they unknowingly moved far from their village to an abandoned place.  In India in many remote villages they don’t have proper water supply. That’s why the villagers use to walk miles after miles for water. They use to dig big wells for water in isolated part of the village. Most of the time the wells are naked. means it doesn’t have the fence around it.

Both were playing and suddenly . . . the elder one slipped into an abandoned well. In midsummer the well was dry. The boy started screaming.. HELP! HELP!…it was suffocating. His six years old friend was clue less ‘How can I save my friend now?’. There was no one in vicinity. They came out far from the village. He found a bucket tied with a rope was left near the well by somebody.

He didn’t think more. He dropped the bucket into the well and asked his friend

“You hold it.. I’ll pull you up”. . .

and he started pulling the rope. It was 40 degrees centigrade under scorching heat. After herculean struggle he pulled his friend up. Ahhh . . . they hugged each other. both were crying.

They walked in to their village. The elder one was dipped in dirt from top to bottom. Villagers started asking “what did you do? . . . where did you go?”.

They told the incident. No one believed. Who will believe that a six years old skinny guy pulled out a ten years old guy from a well. both of them were beaten up by their parents.” tell us what did you do?”

In North America we don’t even scold kids. Isn’t it! and they also know it’s not allowed. but in India you will not get a single one who was not beaten by parents in life. Every mother has their chappal as national weapon. It is very handy and easily available. Likewise those two boys were also beaten. Villagers were suspecting the duo must have done something wrong which they were trying to hide.

But one person in the whole village believed the incident. He was the head of the village. Very aged person. Villagers respect him the most. Everyone obeys him. He only believed the incident. In their village meeting a villager asked him “how do you believe their story sir. the six years old skinny guy who can’t even carry a bucket of water and you believed that he pulled out his ten years old friend from the well. they must be hiding something from us.”

“No. the boys told the truth”. The head said. The question is not ‘Why he did’? The question is ‘how he did’? Villagers were listening to him. because if village head is believing on it then there must be a reason.

Village head continued. “There were two reasons because of that the little boy did that herculean task. First. You all heard that there were no one in the vicinity to help him. other way around there was no one to tell him “You can’t do this!“.  there were no one to tell him that “you can’t do this”. The second reason was, he quickly dropped the rope and asked his friend to hold it. He didn’t question himself “Can he do this“? He didn’t question himself can he pull this elder friend from the well?”

We get fear of failure when we make multiple options in life and try to choose the easiest one. In every situation you yourself are the biggest barrier in your success. If you don’t stop yourself no one in this world can stop you. You will win every fear of failure.

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