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Do you remember the pain when you got a grain of sand in your eye? Imagine a situation when you can not remove the grain from your eyes and you have to sustain with it. You have to live rest of your life with it. Doesn’t it hurt even when you think of it?

A pearl begins its’ life inside an Oyster when an intruder such as grain of sand or bit of floating particle slips in between its’ mantel. In order to protect itself from the irritation the oyster begins covering the unpleasant, uninvited, unwanted visitor with its mantle. It feels the pain every minute, every second. But there is no way to get rid of it. It takes years to form a pearl.

A pearl is a product of pain.

We love pearl. Few of us may be wearing it now as jewel. Think of two pearl necklaces. One is magnificent, elegant, charming , gorgeous. Every pearl is shining. Another one is also made of pear but the pearls are dull, pale yellow , few are defective. Necklace is always tempting for women. Still if I ask you to select one which one would you choose? Definitely the first one. The gorgeous one. Because the second one has few defective pearls. And we don’t like it.

Our life is like a pearl necklace. And yes, because it is necklace, the men in the house don’t think it is the life of woman only. You may not wear it but you pay for it.

The length of the necklace is the length of our whole life. Each pearl signifies a day of life. The formula is simple. You make your every day special, exceptional, remarkable you will make a glorious life like this necklace. We can’t go to our past to fix the unwanted pearl. Alike pearl , our days are also product of hope, pain, love and sacrifices. You can not change your past but you can change your future. And that is only possible if you care for your present.

Every night before you sleep ask two simple questions to yourself. What is that thing you have done today which will help you tomorrow?.. Second, What is that thing you have done today which has helped someone. If you get true answers of both the questions everyday be assured that you made a shinning pearl for the day.

After years when you will look back and rejuvenate your past, you will find a glorious golden necklace of life. The mother of pearl ,

the Oyster dies and the pearl shines in our necklace. Our golden and glorious days of life ends with this mortal human body but the soul remains in people’s mind like the pearl.

Mother Teresa said Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.  So Let us begin. Let us make every pearl special.

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