She Said – Breaking News – Chapter-4

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Chapter 4

Breaking News

Taking attempt to wake up Shreya early in the morning is equivalent to calling your own death. She is just intolerable. But it was already 11 in morning. Aparna had knocked her three times. Collapsed curtain on the window but who cares. Shreya kept her head under her pillow and snoring like a bear.

Aparna had her tea and kept half left for Shreya. She switched on the tv in drawing room, straightened her legs on sofa and logged into facebook. Both have a habit of keeping the tv switched on for the whole day, it’s just for killing the silence at home. Yesterday Shreya left it at Zee news so the same channel was continuing.

Aparna submerged into her facebook. She is browsing her friend’s post marriage pictures from Maldives.

“….. police has taken him in custody although no lawyer has been seen yet from Raunak Gupta’s side”. Suddenly it penetrates Aparna’s ears. She rose her eyebrows and turned to the tv screen.

“O my God ! ” she just uttered and shouted “Shreyaaaaaa..”.
Aparna didn’t wait for Shreya to respond. She rushed to Shreya’s bed and jerked her shoulder.

“Shreya. Raunaq has been arrested”
“What !!” – Aparna’s voice thundered on Shreya.
“He is in News” – Aparna replied
Both rushed to the tv room.

TV: […. She lodged an FIR. Expecting more details to come up during court proceeding….] Again an road accident…… {next news….}

“Who is she?” – Shreya turns to Aparna with a big question.

“God knows…. But why she filed an FIR against him?” – Aparna looked puzzled.

Shreya rushed to her room.
“Shreya.. what happened” Aparna ran behind her

Shreya opened her wardrobe, quickly picked her jeans and salwar.

“Where are you going? We don’t know which police station” – Aparna said wisely

“I’m out of my mind Apu. I have to meet him now” – Shreya is behaving disoriented.

“Listen, first cool down. We both will go Shreya” – Aparna hold her palms and tried to relax her.

“We didn’t get the full news. First let me see which police station” – Aparna responded wisely. She took Shreya to tv room and started checking other News channels if that news repeats.

Aparna started shuffling news channels quickly.
“Oh ya here it is…” – Aparna stopped at znews again

“..He didn’t oppose anything on the charges made against him. Even he didn’t ask for his lawyer yet.. Changes has been registered against him in Mulund west police station.. He will be taken to court on Monday morning”

“It’s Mulund apu” – Shreya turned to Aparna

“Today is Friday..If we can’t do anything he has to say in lockup in weekend. Nothing works on weekends” – Aparna advised

Shreya switched off the tv and rushed to her room. Aparna quickly changed her casuals and picked her side bag.

They both rushed down to the road.

“Auto.. Auto..” – Shreya stopped an auto rikshaw passing by.

Shreya got into the auto riskshaw “Mulund west police station.. fast please”

It took an hour to reach mulund police station. As usual crowd in police station. People are siting both side beside the stare, on the floor and some are staanding, waiting for their turns to go inside office. Bicycles and bikes are scattered here and there.

“Which way to go inside?” – Aparna asked a guy standing out side the office.

Meanwhile Shreya paid autorikshaw and followed Aparna to the police station building entrance.

It was first time for both of them to visit any police station in their life. They didn’t have any plan other than finding Raunaq here.
Pushed the wooden door and both entered.

“Madam !” – The constable just beside the door pointed them to stop going inside.

“Where are you going?” – Constable asked.
“We want to meet Raunaq” – Shreya responded

“Who is Raunaq?” Constable curled his eyebrows
“A fair tall guy, police have taken him mostly today morning here” – Aparna cleverly replied to the constable

“Hmm.. Are you from his family?” – He countered

“Eee yaa… Yes! Yes!” – Shreya controlled herself and confidently responded fake. Aparna gave a look to Shreya

“Wait here. Talk to that officer when he is available” – the constable pointed to an empty chair. Around ten people waiting in queue for that officer to come.

“No other way Apu?” – Shreya took a deep breath of frustration.

“Cool down. Nothing is going to work if you become impatient” – Aparna consoled Shreya

It was already 1pm. Both waited under the sun till 2.30pm.

“It’s too much. How can they keep us waiting for the whole day!! ” – Shreya lost her patience

“It’s police station. Things work like this only” Aparna moved close to her.
“I can’t take more on this. I’m going inside” – Shreya started walking to the door

“Oh, Please Shreya listen!!” – Aparna tried to stop her

Shreya desperately moved to the officer.
There were still few people on queue and a guy was talking to the officer.
They both looked at Shreya surprisingly.
The officer’s eye was clearly saying ‘Don’t you see I’m talking with someone’

“What happened?” The officer broke the ice
“We are waiting since morning to meet Raunak Gupta” – Shreya asked boldly

“He is waiting for so many weeks” – Officer looked at the guy sitting in front of him and replied

“Wait for some time” – looking at his note book, officer asked Shreya to wait

“But…”- Shreya was about to burst with her frustration but the officer gave a look to her that he doesn’t want to entertain all these nonsenses anymore

Shreya moved back to a wooden chair.
Aparna saw everything from her behind.

One more hour they were on the wooden chair. Both were tired, frustrated annoyed.

“Madam, you can go now” – a constable told Shreya
Aparna pulled her side bag and moved with Shreya to the officer’s table.

“I know you are waiting for long time. But you are not the only one having problem in life. However, tell me..” – The officer did the opening before Shreya could say something.

“I want to meet Raunaq Gupta” – Shreya made an eye contact with the officer.

“Who are you?”
“He is our friend” Aparna caught the question and replied.

Officer moved his face to Aparna “Hmm… and you?”
“We are colleagues” Shreya replied.

Officer ended rounding his face at Shreya.

“Do you know why he is here?” Officer asked.

“Not really, We just saw in new channel” – Shreya said

“Hm.. He is behind the bar on a molestation case”

“Who is the girl?” Shreya asked.
Aparna turned her eye balls towards Shreya.

To Be Continued. Next Chapter will be available soon.

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