New to Calgary, CANADA?

Written by on October 17, 2022

Hi there! If you are traveling to Calgary, Canada, you are welcome here! I understand there are lot of questions in your mind while you are planning for the travel. Based on my own experience and seeing others for almost a decade in Canada I have listed a few most important TODOs you may need to keep in mind while you are traveling.

This blog will help the New Commers in Calgary regarding Essential Post landing TODOs, Accommodation, Food, Transportation, University Study, Financial and Insurance

Disclaimer: This guidance is to help you to get quickly settled in the city and be part of the great Canadian culture. All recommendations are unbiased. Feel free to consider or ignore as per your choice.

First Week (After Landing)
(very very Important to complete these ASAP by the first week of landing)


  • Get a phone number with a data plan ASAP after you land. everything is online and google is as necessary as oxygen.
  • Get a public transport card/app activate. if Toronto then Presto if Calgary then Calgary Transit
  • Get warm clothing by Day 1 or 2 of arrival. (If you are landing in Winter)
  • Join the “Calgary Indians” click here FB group for Socializing, knowing your city, Settling in Canada, and Rental queries.
  • Get a Bank account and apply for a Credit card ( Day 1 or 2)
  • SIN number: Get SIN from Service Canada within 3-4 days of your landing. Don’t go just the next day. Your landing info takes 1-2 days to propagate into other systems.
  • Apply for Canada personal ID card if you don’t have a plan for a driving license soon. Otherwise, you have to carry your passport everywhere
  • Apply for Health Card (Just after you receive SIN)
  • If you are joining your work in the first week then make sure you visit your office location by public transport and understand how to reach, how long it takes etc. so your first-day commute to office will be smooth
  • Know the locality by checking nearby places like Train/Bus stations and routes, Grocery, Hospitals, Family Physicians, Schools, shopping centers, banks, atm, and gas stations. everything you can check on Google maps
  • On Facebook, local-group ask for suggestions cross-check and validate before you decide anything.
3 private bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms with double car parking. Just beside the Train station. 7-10 mins by single train to the University of Calgary. 15 mins by train to Downtown Calgary.

Single occupancy room, best for Students or University of Calgary or SAIT. or Working professionals working in downtown/WFH. walking distance to the train station and bus stop. Just behind the Townhouse. Long stay available.

A Family room for single/double occupancy. Best for working professionals or newly migrated to Calgary with a small family. Walking distance of grocery stores and market. The train station and bus stop are behind the Townhouse. Long stay available.

Second Week

  • If by chance any points are due from Week 1 then urgently complete that
  • Socialize with the local community, and meet native ppl in person. participate in social and community events and get to know about the lifestyle in your city. and adapt accordingly. Other than mandatory things for a living don’t spend much on shopping in the first month. Anyways for food and commuting to new places you will spend more in restaurants, Airbnb, and Uber.
  • Get long-term accommodation confirmation for 6 months or 1yr if you’re taking a rental. for peace of mind.
  • Explore daily food and cooking options
  • Find the best way to commute to your workplace and nearby shopping centers
  • If you have driving license abstract then apply for G1
  • If you are in temporary accommodation for a very short time then start looking for local rental. and Facebook groups for rentals. If you have at least booking for 3-6 months then ignore this point

Week 3-4: Just socialize and know your area. Travel to nearby places and enjoy the new place, new culture, and new people around you.

Join the “Calgary Indians” click here FB group for Socializing, Rental queries, Settling in canada.

Calgary Indian Market place click here

Next Month ( Contact if you need guidance and professional Advisory in the below areas)

  • Set an appointment with a financial advisor in your bank and get guidance for saving and investments eventually
  • If you are with the family the insurance advisor is indispensable
  • Work permit or job-related queries meet an advisor
  • Rental or property-related queries
  • Car rental or purchase
  • Job search and training
  • Any queries on settling in the city please feel free to drop a note to
Get career counseling and be prepared for your new job interview

Quick question about the University of Calgary programs? The recommended way is to talk to the university directly. However, being a University student I can guide you with any simple one.

The University of Calgary campus in the fall of 2019.

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