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Written by on April 14, 2019

Raising a toast is a very formal etiquette. But it is also an art that needs skill to raise a toast properly. Today is the last day of three days Spring Conference 2019 of District 86 Toastmasters International. The essence is profound in my mind.  ‘Raise a toast’ is one of the item in  my basket of takeaways from this unforgettable conference.

I have noticed some amazing people raising toast. I’m very pleased to share their way of raising toast in this post.

Toast (Honor)

toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor or goodwill. The term may be applied to the person or thing so honored … (source wikipedia)

Julie Whitely-  Raising a toast to the USA

Think back to the 3rd grade. Being 8 years old was tough!

I have the privilege today of toasting our close friend-the United States of America. Surely there is no two countries that enjoy as many common elements, roots and values.
When you were 8, remember the difficulties? When you forgot your lunch? When you lost your homework? Who was there-to support you- your close friend.
You might not have agreed on everything- she liked pink, you preferred purple, you were a die hard Maple Leaf fan, he was all about Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins. That didn’t make you any less of a friend, it gave you a connection.
The United States of America shares much with us – winter Florida vacations, the Great Lakes and- Toastmaster First Vice President- Richard Peck- welcome Sir!
You always knew that friend would be there for you. To share a sandwich, give you the homework answers, or commiserate with you when the Maple Leafs lost yet another season.
Likewise it is with the United States and Canada. We disagree, but when the going gets difficult we are there to support each other, regardless the cost. Standing up for our shared values of democracy and basic values is what we do. Let us rise and reaffirm our friendship with the US- to the United States of America!

Julie Whitely,
Division S Director,
Toastmasters International.
Shanta Adams-  Raising a toast to the USA

(stand and raise my glass to eye level)

I would like to propose a toast to the USA as they are our neighbors to the south. I choose to focus on the positive. The annual Friendship Festival is on July 18-21. This international festival takes place every year in Mather Park in Fort Erie. It is a celebration to specifically promote the good relations between Canada and the USA since the end of the War of 1812.

There are thrills for all ages, activities, amusements, rides, caricature drawings, concerts and vendors. I am excited to finally be outside in the sun with my friendly USA neighbors. In true Canadian style we need to support and spend time with our American friends.

(Raise my glass above my head).

Please stand to join me in a toast to the USA – (pause) – raise your glass and repeat after me… “See you at the Friendship Festival”.

Shanta Adams,
Club President and Coach,
Toastmasters International

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