How To Create A Website

Written by on April 1, 2017

Watch this video for “How to launch your own website” in just three steps. If you have any query please comment on this video and subscribe to my youtube channel. 

What is domain?

In layman’s term Domain is the name of your website. like or etc

What is Hosting?

Again in Layman’s term , you need to keep your website in a server so that when someone browse your domain name your website opens.

Step 1: Get a domain.

You may have heard about FREE domain. But personalized domains are not FREE.

I’m going to tell you sources where you can buy a domain in very low price. Check the above video for details.

Step 2: Get a hosting.

You can buy hosting from godaddy or any other service providers available. But if you want a realy low price and good quality hosting follow me.
Here you can get hosting even in 100/month.. You will get a response quickly with the hosting details for your domain.

The details will have your hostname, userid and password.

Step 3: Upload your website in hosting server.

To transfer your website content to your hosting server you will need a small software call FileZilla.

Download this free software and install in your computer. It will connect to your hosting server. goto public_html folder and here you have to transfer your website content. Just select the contents and upload. Lets open the website link know.

Wow you have launched your site. Watch the video for every steps and If you like this video please subscribe to my channel.
Write your comments on this video for any query. Stay tuned for the next video on how to design a wordpress website.


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