A Preoccupied Mind

Written by on June 3, 2016

Very often our mind discovers obstacles that do not exist at all. We do assume rules and protocols that don’t exist. As a result the obvious solution often goes unnoticed due to our excessively preoccupied mind. It happens due to two reasons. One, we think like a detective and examine every small thing. Second, we underestimate ourselves. We must free our mind to enjoy a drizzling morning from balcony..

We must leave the happenings of the past where they belong-in the past- and leave the future to take care of itself. We say “I don’t have time”, and yet we are forever busy. But are we productive….

A preoccupied mind can never think out of the box. An educated but rigid mind may not be able to see a solution while an ignorant yokel can break the ice very easily.

Open the door of your mind. Learn from the past but never recapitulate. Live in the present. Our present builds our future. Spread the color of your imagination and shake up your preoccupied mind.

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